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液晶面板行业应用Liquid crystal panel
The quality of a liquid crystal display first depends on its panel, because the quality of the panel directly affects the viewing effect of the screen, and the liquid crystal TV panel accounts for more than half of the cost of the whole machine, which is the main factor affecting the cost of the liquid crystal TV. Therefore, to select a good liquid crystal display, you must first select its panel. The liquid crystal panel can largely determine the brightness, contrast, color, visual angle and other very important parameters of the liquid crystal display. The development of LCD panel is very fast, from the three generations in the previous years to the fourth and fifth generations, and then skip the sixth generation to the seventh generation. The updated eighth generation panel is also under planning. The manufacturers of liquid crystal panels are mainly Samsung, LG Philips, IVT, AUA, BOE, Huaxing optoelectronics, etc. due to the differences in the technical level of each company, the liquid crystal panels produced are generally divided into several different types. The common ones are TN panel, VA panel such as MVA and PVA, IPS panel and CPA panel.